Confirmation of booking
1. A 20% deposit is required within 24 hours of your successful booking request to secure your booking, with the outstanding balance payable on the day before delivery. Please send proof of payment to us at No items will be delivered without proof of final payment. 
2. NO inflatable(s) and/or soft play will be released without full payment being received.
3. Bookings will be cancelled, without notice after 24 hours if no proof of payment (‘POP) has been received.
4. The Hirer will receive an email from us advising that the booking has been confirmed and their inflatable(s) and/or soft play requested is booked
    for the date specified. Should no email be received, then the booking is not confirmed.
Delivery & Collection
5. We will endeavor to deliver the inflatable(s) and/or soft play early morning at least 45 minutes before the start of your event. Collections take place on the          same day, after your event, no later than 18:00 (times outside this requires agreement at time of booking). Note: R150 per hour will be payable for each
    additional hour past this time.
6. If your event is being held at a party venue, please let us know at the time of booking so we can best try to accommodate your specific needs.
    Also, please note that we require at least 30-40 minutes to set-up and pack up the inflatable(s) and/or soft play at time of collection.
7. In the event that we are not able to deliver the inflatable(s) and/or soft play due to an unavoidable event, that is totally out of our control, cannot be
    held liable for losses incurred by the Hirer as a result.
8.  It is the Hirer responsibility to ensure un-obstructed access to the venue and that there is sufficient room to set up the inflatable(s) and/or soft play.

9.  Please check the dimensions with us prior to making your booking. We require at least 1-meter clearance on each side of the inflatable(s) and at
     least 1 meter clear at the rear. This is to allow for anchorage and connection of the blower. We require an access route of approximately 1 meter
     wide to the venue.
10.  The inflatable(s) and/or soft play are moved on stack trolleys, therefore no inflatable will be pushed over walls, or upstairs due to health and safety

11. We cannot be held responsible if we are unable to set up the inflatable(s) and/or soft play to the designated area/venue.
12.  It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure a working plug point at the venue. We will provide a 20-meter extension free of charge. Additional extension
       cords can be hired from us at time of booking for a cost of R50. Please note we do not provide generators in the event of a power outage and
       cannot be held liable if you are unable to operate the equipment.
13. Cancellation by the Hirer due to expectant rain must be made the day before the event before 11:00, otherwise no refund will be provided.
14. Full refunds will be given, provided at least 7 days’ notice is given.
14.1 An admin fee of R20 will be deducted on all refunds. 
Safe Operating of the Inflatable(s) and/or Soft Play Equipment
15. The inflatable(s) and/or soft play are to be used on a relatively flat, preferably grass surface, free from sticks, stones, glass, sharp objects, trees,
       fires, braai’s etc. as these will damage the inflatable(s) and/or soft play. If the inflatable(s) and/or soft play need to be set up on a hard surface,
       please advise us and we will supply you with groundsheets.
16. Smoking is not allowed on/near the inflatable(s) and/or soft play.
17. The soft play equipment must only be used by children up to the age of 4 years, no adults are permitted to sit on the soft play as this will cause
18. All users must remove shoes, jewelry and sharp objects that may cause injury to themselves or others, including damage to the inflatable(s)
      and/or soft play.
19. No face paint, food, drinks, eating utensils, party poppers, streamers, pens, silly string, cleaning chemicals, coloured sprays, and the like are
      permitted on the inflatable(s) and/or soft play as they will stain or damage it.
20. No water is allowed on the inflatable(s) and/or soft play under any circumstances (with the exception of the designated waterslide(s) as this          will damage the jumping castle.
21. No adults are allowed on the inflatable(s) and/or soft play under any circumstances.
22. Only users under the age of 14 years are permitted on the inflatable(s).
23. Climbing or hanging on the walls of the inflatable(s) is not allowed since it is dangerous and can damage the inflatable(s).
24. Do not let users play with or near the blower.
25. Please ensure that there is adequate shelter/shade available to prevent the children from getting sunburn, and inflatable(s) and/or soft play
      equipment getting hot and burning children.
26. The inflatable(s) should be used in a safe and responsible manner – common sense must prevail. Any rough or dangerous play (such as
      somersaults, flips, tackling etc.) on the inflatable(s) is prohibited.
27. If power to the blower is lost, ensure all users leave the inflatable(s) until power is restored.
28. No animals are permitted near the inflatable(s) and/or soft play at all times.
29. Users with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls,
      bumps are not permitted on the inflatable(s) at any time.
30. We will supply the inflatable(s) with a 20-meter extension lead. Ensure the setup place has a plug and trip switch and/or earth leakage that is
      complaint and is in a safe working condition.
31. During inflation and deflation of the inflatable(s) do not allow anyone on the equipment as this is dangerous to risk of suffocation and/or distress. In
      addition to possibility of damage to the inflatable(s) and/or equipment.
32. In the event that the blower stops working, please ensure all users exit the inflatable(s) immediately.
33. The inflatable(s) must remain inflated during use.
34. In the unlikely event of equipment failure, please contact us on the numbers provided.
Weather Conditions
35. In case of unexpected rain or strong winds, please deflate the inflatable(s) and all users should exit in a safe, calm and orderly manner and the
      blower must be turned off and stored indoors together with supplied lead and kept dry at all times.
36. If it is raining on the day of the event, we will contact you as early as possible, the booking will be cancelled without a refund (Please revert back
      to clause 13)
Disclaimer & Liability
37. By agreeing to this disclaimer, the Hirer accepts sole responsibility for the safety of all users utilizing the inflatable(s) and/or soft play and agree to
      ensure that a responsible adult will be supervising at all times. This entails maintaining a close physical, active presence at all times! The hirer
      undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith.
38. The Hirer furthermore indemnifies and holds harmless Jumpaholic, against any claim, whatsoever that may be made against it arising out of any
      damage or injury sustained by any user utilizing the inflatable(s), blower and/or soft play as well as any third-party claims that may arise.
39. At all times the inflatable(s) and/or soft play remain the sole property of Jumpaholic.
40. The Hirer will be liable for any damage, theft, vandalism of the inflatable(s) and/or soft play whilst in their care. The Hirer furthermore agrees to pay
      all legal fees and costs in relation to return/replacement/repair of the inflatable(s), soft play and/or equipment.
41. We do not patch our inflatables; we replace the entire effected panel. We will obtain a quote for repair, which will be payable by the Hirer.
42. The Hirer assumes full liability and is responsible to notify the users(s) that the inflatable(s) and/or soft play are to be utilized at entirely at their
      own risk.
43. The Hirer acknowledge that upon delivery that he/she has received the inflatable(s) and/or soft play in clean, good working order and
       that it will be returned in the same condition that it was supplied.
44. The Hirer agrees to pay all legal fees and associated costs incurred by us, whilst enforcing these terms and conditions.

Soft -Play Balls.

45. All play balls must be picked up and placed in bag provided before collection. Bag will be full at delivery should be full by collection.

46. A refundable deposit of R100 will be charged extra for any item that includes balls that have to be delivered at a party venue (This does not include 

     home parties)      

47.Your deposit will be refunded cash or eft if all balls have been picked up, placed in bag provided and the bag is as full as received. If  the balls are not picked

     up and placed in the bag provided, and a number of balls are missing the deposit will not be refunded.