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   IMPORTANT: Please read the full terms and conditions (click here)
•    A 20% deposit is required within 24 hours of your successful booking request to secure your booking, with the outstanding balance payable on the day before delivery. Please send proof of payment to us at No items will be delivered without proof of final payment. 
•    Cash on delivery or electronic funds transfer (EFT) are acceptable payment methods, please arrainge for cash payments accordingly.
•    Cash deposits are not allowed. When receiving cash deposits, R50 is automatically deducted by the banks and service providers before we receive the money. Your account will be R50 short and your payment will still reflect as unpaid. If paying in cash is your only option, add R50 to the payment value.

  • Delivery - We only deliver to the area's mentioned on the booking form above. 
  • Please check the dimensions with us prior to making your booking. We require at least 1-meter clearance on each side of the inflatable(s) and at least 1 meter clear at the rear. This is to allow for anchorage and connection of the blower. We require an access route of approximately 1meter wide to the venue.
  • The inflatable(s) and/or soft play are moved on stack trolleys, therefore no inflatable will be pushed over walls, or upstairs due to health and safety reasons.

•    Jumpaholic holds the right to hire out the equipment to the first paying customer.
•    No equipment will be held for anyone without proof of deposit.
•    Cancellation and no-show policy: Cancellation on the day of a booking and/or ‘no-show’ will result in a 100% forfeit of the full value of the booking.
•    We will endeavor to deliver the inflatable(s) and/or soft play early morning or at least 45 minutes before the start of your event. Collections take place on the same day, after your event, no later than 18:00 (times outside this require agreement at the time of booking). Note: R150 per hour will be payable for each additional hour past this time.
•    The Hirer acknowledges that upon delivery that he/she has received the inflatable(s) and/or soft play in clean, good working order and that it will be returned in the same condition that it was supplied. Penalties will be applied for dirty/damaged items.
•    No water is allowed on the inflatable(s) and/or soft play under any circumstances (with the exception of the designated waterslide(s) as this will damage the jumping castle.
•     No adults are allowed on the inflatable(s) and/or soft play under any circumstances.
•    Right of admission reserved.

  • All play balls must be picked up and placed in bag provided before collection. Bag will be full at delivery should be full by collection.

Important Dates

Jumpaholic will be closed the following dates.

*28 - 31 July 2022

#Clients can only book up to one month in advance.